Schools for Schools: building opportunities

[A student at one of Invisible Children’s partner schools shows the S4S visitors a technical drawing made using a drafting table in one of the new classrooms at his school.]

This past week, Invisible Children’s (IC) partner schools in northern Uganda had some visitors. Students from the U.S. and Canada raised money for building projects at 11 schools in northern Uganda during the Schools for Schools campaign, and this week some of them had the opportunity to visit those schools and get to know the students who are now using the new classrooms, dormitories and laboratories that they helped to fund. At each school they visited, student leaders and faculty graciously met with them and showed them around the campus. Below are a few pictures from the school visits.

[Schools for Schools trip winners get a look at the up-and-coming multipurpose hall expected to be finished at Gulu Secondary School later this year.]

[Zoe gets a tour of St. Joseph’s College Layibi, the secondary school she raised funds for in 2010.]

[Student leaders show CJ and Susanna around Sir Samuel Baker school. CJ raised money to help with furnishing classrooms and building structures at the school.]

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